Troop 1 Kingston

Block Island Camping/ Biking Trip

About the Trip:

            This Troop 1 camping trip in early September (2012) consisted of journeying on the ferry to Block Island where the scouts and adults biked countless miles on hilly terrain and had to endure the heat, flat tires, and the mosquitoes. The scouts traveled the length of the entire island and explored the historic highlights such as the North Lighthouse. The scouts were given plenty of free time to enjoy the numerous beaches and the huge waves—this time proved to be one of the most pleasant times for the scouts. Finally, the younger scouts travelled to a bird sanctuary where they tagged native birds and worked toward the bird study merit badge. All the scouts and adults were on Block Island for two days and camped for one night. The camping trip had to be cut short due to inclement weather but was nevertheless enjoyable for all.


Favorite Moments:

Jeremy F.

The beach was definitely the highlight of the trip. We got to cool down after a 20 mile bike trip to the best waves of the season.

Liam H.

I really enjoyed getting to go to the beach.

Rob C.

 During this trip I really enjoyed how great the waves were.

Doug F.

 I liked hanging out at the beach and body-surfing the great waves!

Jarod M.

My favorite moment was relaxing at the beach after a long, hot, tiring day on the Island.

Max H.

            The waves were giant!

Tim S.

            My favorite moment was learning to body-surf in the massive waves.