Troop 1 Kingston

Camp Yawgoog 2012


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Favorite Moments of the Week:


            I think that my personal favorite event this year was when I went down to the rifle range. I had no idea how I was going to do; I had never even shot a gun before but I picked it up and got  9 out of 10 shots in the bulls-eye.


            With working this summer, my favorite memory was visiting with a boy named Nathanial  to give him some signed bluecards when he gave me the biggest hug and a cool looking rock to remember him in the summer. I was humbled to see how much of an impact I made to those I was with this year. This memory is one that I won’t forget.



            Well this year I wanted to just go to the range to shoot ‘prone, ’ but they wouldn’t let me unless I was shooting for an award. So I told them that I was going for the Bucklin Award and shot my best. As it turns out, I met all the requirements for the badge and won the award!


            My favorite memory was when I played reveille in the senior scout tent to wake them up.


            One day when we were at Ashaway waiting for kayaks, there were three scouts in a rowboat drifting toward shore. They didn’t know how to row and the Charlie Brown motorboat had to come and save them. When they began to tow the canoe, the bow dipped in the water and the whole canoe was swamped.


            I liked building my own bow and arrow in camp and I thought that the food in the dining hall was awesome.


            I really liked wood carving in the campsite.


            I liked sailing in the pond and just being around all my friends. I loved to wake up to the water and going around to all my merit badge classes.


            I liked all the merit badges that I took including: rifle shooting, wilderness survival, and swimming— even though I got partials on most of them. 




Yawgoog Facts for the Week:

-149 Merit Badges Earned in total

- 48 scouts and 8 adults attended

-Calder won the fishing derby for the whole camp

-Joe received the Bucklin Award

-Dylan received his second Bronze Palm

-3 Knights of Yawgoog were awarded to 3 adults

-3 Snorkeling BSA awards were eared by 3 scouts

- 2 scouts received the World Conservation Award

-Troop 1 Kingston won ‘Troop of the Week’ for all of 3 Point

- We won the costume contest, as the Peanuts gang, as well as the Water Carnival events

- 18 scouts, 19 rank advancements in all

-Troop Mascots were established: Steve the Deer Skull, Killer the Cat (who earned his second year segments), and the Rubber Chicken with a noose.

-Robbie's Lip stick boxers were raised on the flagpole

-There was one night of lighting and thunder that kept some of the scouts awake, other than that the week was sunny, clear, and good.