Camp Yawgoog: August 2011

      In August 2011, the scouts of Troop 1 Kingston, Rhode Island, went to Camp Yawgoog for their annual week campout there. They earned merit badges, swam in the lake, elected new leaders and honored a new Eagle Scout.

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The Mystery Machine

Scouts from the Dominican Republic

Eating World Famous Camp Yawgoog Food

Photos: Mr. Jonathan B, Mr. Frank L, and Mr. Neil R.


Submitted by Dylan A.
It was Wednesday, and the whole afternoon was devoted to preparing for the Three Point Costume Contest. I was running around, attempting to gather all the materials, and at the same time all the younger kids wanted to be a part of the Mystery INC team, which was who we were portraying. I remember Jamie, because of his size (no comment), was Scooby Doo. Andy was Shaggy, Jeremy was Fred, Bobby was Velma, and Tommy was Daphne.

Submitted by Dylan A.
Mr. Frank L, Josh and I had come up with the perfect plan. During lunch, we were going to bring in Mr. L's keyboard from his home, plug it in quickly, and start playing a song, with Josh singing the lyrics. The whole dining hall was laughing with them, and tapping to the beat. Troop 1 was known from then on as the Musical Troop.

Submitted by Jon M.
At Yawgoog, even though I didn’t stay overnight, I helped to make a movie. The movie is about getting roles in the Titanic movie. The characters kept messing up on their lines, and at the end, after finally getting the lines right, the cameraman forgot to remove the lense cap, and everyone chases him.

Submitted by Nick G.
Whilst at Yawgoog, Mr. H. came up with the brilliant idea of saran wrapping Andrew’s car. After lunch, we got an industrial sized roll of Saran Wrap, and wrapped Andrew’s car six or seven times. Andrew thought that the prank was amusing, but still Saran Wrapped Mr. H’s bed as revenge.

Submitted by Andrew B.
On our last day at camp, we went to Ashaway and brought a few kayaks out onto the lake. A massive kayak war then started, and we managed to tip a few of the kayaks before attracting the attention of the camp motorboat, the Charlie Brown. Unfortunately, this, combined with Josh stealing a sailboat’s rudder, caused our tags to be taken away.